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Create Your Own Game List

Every Female Submissive applicant must prepare your own “Game List”. If you does not have a ready-made list, you can choose from the “Common Female Submissive BDSM Game List” below.

In order to facilitate applicants’ choice, we divide each category of games into three levels: light, moderate, and heavy. We understand that BDSM can be a little scary for some ladies if they have not tried it before, and we want you to be confident and comfortable with the games you will play. Generally we recommend beginners choose light games, those with SM experience choose moderate games, and those with SM experience or naturally submissive choose the heavy games.

The quantity and quality of BDSM games is the first criteria that a sugar daddy / master uses to select a slave. The ladies who can play more games will get more opportunities, even if there are prettier ladies available. However, we do not encourage applicants to check games that they cannot actually play. This is a deception to the sugar daddies / masters, and often they will cancel your visit when they learn the deception or expect you to perform the acts that you agreed to.

This page enables our female submissive applicants to select which types of play they cannot do. Please carefully read the “Comment Female Submissive BDSM Game List” and select any games you cannot do. The system will automatically generate your “Game List”, excluding those you have selected, and only showing the ones that you like. When you date Sugar Daddies / Masters, they are only allowed to the BDSM play that is shown in your list.


  1. BDSM Is A Role-Playing Game

BDSM is essentially sexual foreplay with each person role-playing: one master and one slave. Words such as master, slave, rape, or subordination that appear in the following game don’t means the original intention of words in real life. For example, the “master” and “slave” describe who will be role-playing as the assertive leader during the game, “rape” is a consensual scenario game agreed upon by both parties. “Crying” and “begging for mercy” are performances that help both participants to reach greater orgasms in sex. In SM games, all games are consensually agreed to and paid first, before play begins.

2. Roles of BDSM play

We require our Masters to observe good hygiene, so all games listed would be played after a shower for both Master and Slave, except those marked as “before shower” games.

BDSM play sessions cannot last longer than 40 minutes with the client. Games involving physical punishment (spanking, slapping…) can only be played once a day (every 24 hours) and include no more than 10 light to moderate hits.

The marks of spanking (bondage, etc.) should disappear within two hours, and no activities that will cause bleeding are allowed with our clients.

In BDSM play, the internationally accepted safe word is “Mayday”, the safe sign is the slave “shaking head”. If a slave says “Mayday” or shakes her head, the play will immediately be stopped.

Our BDSM dates include light to medium submissive games only. No sadists or masters with “heavy taste” will be allowed to join us.

No alcohol is allowed in BDSM play.

Condoms must be used in sexual BDSM activities.

3. About Extra Charge Games

In following “Common Female Submissive BDSM Game List”, there are some special games that require additional fees. Their costs are not included in the standard fees. They are called “Extra Charge Games”.

Why do we offer Extra Charges for some games? Simply because most ladies do not like that sort of play, which makes your participation even more valuable and desirable to Masters who appreciate those games!

The fees for Extra Charge Games are charged by the lady on site before the game starts. When the lady list a game in her game list, it does not mean that she has to play the game for every sugar daddy / master, she can decide on the spot whether to playing the game or not. If she doesn’t feel good at the time, as long as she doesn’t collect the money (fee of this Extra Charge Game) from the sugar daddy / master, she don’t need to play this game.

The charges of Extra Charges Games are ladies’ net-income, she doesn’t need to share this with the Club.

4. Rationalization of Game List

Every lady can make her own Game List (including Extra Charge Game list). So every slave’s Game List / Extra Charge Game list is different. For example, Slave A ticks game “Piss Drinking” as a normal game, but Slave B list it into her Extra Charges Game list.

Also the prices of Extra Charge Games in the below list are our suggested amounts. Each lady can decide her own price. For example, for the same game Slave A gave it a price of $1000, while Slave B make it $500.

If applicants would like to discuss this with Club, please write it in the “Other”  text box below.

Common Female Submissive BDSM Games List
Please tick the games that you cannot play in the following games, and the system will automatically generate a "own game list" for you. (Remind again: the ticked are the games that you CANNOT play!)

Sex Games

-- As an introduction into SM and a fundamental element of most relationships, Sex Games can help build fun and enjoyment, making the normal sex more stimulating and romantic. For example, by adding SM sex games as foreplay before sex you can turn a basic sex into a pretend rape or a fantasy scenario where the experience is much more satisfying.

Performance Games

-- The Performance Games are also suitable for SM beginners. Some ladies are very beautiful and like singing or dancing, but they don't enjoy pain or submission. Then what do they rely on to attract Masters / SM Sugar Daddies? The answer is: choose Performance Games to demonstrate their skill, talent and beauty. Performance Games are typical mentally games, no pain, no dirty, usually played in the master’s bedroom or living room. The Performance Games are more suitable for SM beginners and ladies who with the artistic talents.

Training Games

-- The Training Games are typical role-playing SM games - one person plays the master and the other one is the slave. The Master will “train” their slave to act the way they desire. Most of these games are played by two people only in the bedroom. Training games are more suitable for shy girls and SM beginners.

Sensory Games

-- Some female submissives like to taste the dirty stuff, and some masters like degrade their slaves and make them dirty. If your interests or abilities cover this, choose the Sensory Games. These games can show the power of the master and the obedience of the slave girl. This authority and power is very attractive to sugar daddies / masters. They are suitable for SM lovers and natural submissives.

Long Service Games

-- Long Service Games cannot be regarded as an independent category strictly speaking. It just offers some games from other categories and extends the time, but for some Masters, once the game’s duration increases, these games give them a whole new experience and enjoyment. For slave girls, although most Long Service Games are not too difficult by themselves, it will be harder for girls to do as the game time is prolonged. But in the eyes of the Masters, these "hard work" games are just a discriminator for distinguishing the strength of servility. We recommend that girls with better endurance can choose these games, they can increase your level of submissiveness and increase your attractiveness to Masters/Sugar Daddies.

Obedience Games

-- Some ladies like to entrust themselves to one person and subordinate themselves to him body and soul. On the other hand, when a Master owns a slave, he might want to show her to friends to satisfy his vanity. Generally Obedience Games are where the master shows his power (ownership of the slave) and slave girl shows her obedience (servility). We suggest that the girls pursuing a Sugar Daddy for marriage and natural submissives choose these games, because this type of girls have the most long-term fostering and marriage opportunities. (Note: The club stipulates that the master (sugar daddy) should not use Obedience Games to engage his slave in prostitution or other commercial activities. These games can only be used to satisfy masters' dominant desires.)

Public Games

-- Some girls have a figure like a goddess, and they like to show their body. Some female submissives are also exhibitionists or humiliation-lovers. These ladies should choose Public Games. Public Games include "outdoor exposure", "public humiliation" and similar activities, which are typically spiritual or mental SM games. The game are generally in crowded places such as streets, parks, restaurants and bars, etc. The fear of being caught can cause delicious tension, or exposure can bring deep satisfaction to both the master and the slave girls.

Punishment Games

--In the relationship between men and women, most ladies like the man to be dominant. This difference in strength is fundamental in human genes. SM extracts this kind of strong dominant power, leading to discipline games. With discipline as a form of sexual foreplay, ladies can experience domination by men, especially during sex. It can be said that discipline is an enhancer of love because of the trust and dedication it demonstrates. It should be noted that in order to ensure safety, tools/toys such as whips, candles, and electric shock sticks used in these games must be special SM products (such as SM whips, low temperature candles, etc.). The needles used can only be disposable acupuncture needles. These games will cause pain, but there will be no substantial harm (bleeding is not allowed). Heavier games like punching or kicking are more suitable for ladies who are resistant to hitting, SM lovers and natural masochists.

Bathroom/Toilet Games

-- Toilet Games are also called toilet training. They are "heavy taste" games and the highest level of physical SM games. Female submissive who would reach to this level are the pursuit targets of lots senior sugar daddies / masters. When playing such games, the attitude of the female slave can often move the master, draw the master-slave feelings closer, and lay the foundation for a long-term relationship. This type of game is more suitable for toilet-lovers and natural submissives. (Note: Club regulations: The meeting place must be in a 5-star hotel or the master’s house (usually the first meeting is at the hotel). These toilets mostly are quite clean.)
These "Favorite Games" will be included in your "Game List" and displayed to the Masters/Sugar Daddies. Please try to choose some games that you like (or at least can accept) and that can arouse the interest of the Masters/Sugar Daddies. It's best to include a few "heavier" games, so that the Masters/Sugar Daddies will be excited after reading this list and have the urge to date you.
For example, ask the Club to add some unique games to my "Game List", discuss with the Club the prices of some Extra Charge Games, etc.
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