Female Submissive Application

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Applicants for Female Submissive must be over the age of 18 (no ceiling) and all nationalities are welcome.

In SM Dating, you play the role of a female slave and you will have the chance to date with wealthy Masters (rich Sugar Daddies).

As a Female Submissive you get to choose which games you are willing to play. We understand that every woman is different and you will enjoy some activities that other ladies dislike. We will set up a page that shows “Your SM Game List” to let potential Masters (Sugar Daddies) see what games you enjoy and are willing to play. All our Masters are aware that they can only play the games you have selected, which protects you from unpleasant experiences and helps prevent Masters pressuring you with unreasonable demands. The Club can provide a “Common Female Submissive BDSM Games List” for your reference and selection, or you are welcome to provide your own list of games you are willing to play.


If you would like to apply to be a Female Submissive, please fill in the Application Form below and provide at least 5 of your photos and contact number.

Your application will not be replied unless you have submitted photos and and contact number.

Female Submissive Application Form
We will ring this number before replying your application.
Please don’t use Hotmail, Outlook or Web.de email service. You can’t receive our reply because they will filter out the mails from us.
Tell club how submissive you are, what kind of sugar daddies/master you expect, and how much support do you need, etc.
Tell sugar daddy/master how submissive you are and your background, etc.
Details of Test Dating: https://1smdating.com/steps/
Details of Sugar Daddy - Sugar Baby Relationship: https://1smdating.com/steps/

Photo & Video Upload

You must submit at least 5 photos, otherwise your application will not be replied.
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