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About “#1 SM Dating”

“#1 SM Dating” is an international dating site, dedicated to SM dating. We help submissive Sugar Babies to meet wealthy dominant Sugar Daddies.

With us submissive girls have the opportunity to meet wealthy gentlemen that possess a similar sexual preference. Some of these dating ends in marriage.

At “#1 SM Dating”, you are able to verify his background (sometimes see his photos) before choosing your match.

With us you can release your inner most sexual desires, and at the same time be rewarded, and sometimes even change your life!


About BDSM

In times past, many people have considered certain types of sexual practices as weird or abnormal. Today, however many of these sexual practices are considered mainstream and simply an expression of one’s true self.

Many of these sexual practices are labelled as SM and BDSM. SM is the abbreviation for sadomasochism and BDSM is for bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism. Usually, SM and BDSM play consists of a Master and a Slave who experience sexual gratification through physical and emotional power and consensual abuse, which is decided beforehand between the Master and Slave.

In SM, there are many activities that do not include an element of sex but demonstrate the submissiveness of the Slave and the domination of the Master (such as kneeling, patting, bending over etc on command). During these activities some parts or even movements of the body that are not normally associated with sex arouse the senses to the point of providing immense sexual pleasure. In addition, many items are used in SM/BDSM “play” which accentuate the sexual dynamic that becomes a catalyst for sex (such as a women’s stockings, high heels, whips, blindfolds, bondage, etc.). Even the Master’s or Slave’s attitude can be a source of sexual pleasure (reverence, scorn, humiliation etc).
Most people who enjoy SM/BDSM activity have a creative imagination and are highly intelligent with an IQ that is much higher than the average. Sex is no longer simply “the act” it becomes an exciting world filled with rituals, obedience, control, and even drama.

There has been a lot of research into BDSM in recent years with studies indicating that mild pain and bondage as part of BDSM play actually releases endorphins and hormones that cause intense pleasure and possibly addiction. So if you have ever fantasised about giving or receiving a spanking during sex, or tying someone up, or using force, congratulations! You have now entered the intriguing world of BDSM.