The Amount You Expect

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We want to ensure that you receive the best deal, suited to your needs. So ladies want to meet a Sugar Daddy and earn some money quickly, so they set a lower price; others are comfortable waiting so they can get the highest price possible. You can tell Club how much you wish to charge for each type of dating. When a date is arranged, we will collect the money from the Sugar Daddy and send to you after the date.


We are a global club, and use different currencies in different regions to reflect the normal costs in those regions.

The remuneration in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc.) is in Australian dollars.

The remuneration in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Russia, etc.) is in euros.

The remuneration in all other regions (Americas, Asia, Africa, etc.) is in US dollars.

So you just give us a number, like 1000. Then, if the date is in Oceania, it’s 1000 Australian dollars. If the date is in Europe, it’s 1000 euros. If the date is in North America or Asia, it’s 1000 US dollars.

For more details, please refer to: Remuneration

The Amount You Expect From Your Sugar Daddy

Please specify the amount you expect from Sugar Daddies for each type of dating you are willing to offer. There are many types of dating / relationship, you can choose all or just a few, but multiple choices can increase your chances. If in doubt, please contact the Club for assistance or advice.

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Usually there will be 1 or 2 test dates between sugar daddy and sugar baby before a long-term Sugar Daddy - Sugar Baby Relationship is established. There are three types of Test Dating: half-day (daytime), half-day (overnight) and full-day. You can choose more than one to increase your chances. Please tell the Club how much you expect for below types of Test Dating.

> Half-day Test Dating

The Half-Day Test Dating is when the prospective Sugar Daddy meets you for a short period of time (a few hours) to get to know you. There are two types: Daytime and Overnight. You can choose just one, both, or neither.
Recommended: 4-8 hours.
Recommended: 8-12 hours. If it is too short, you will not have time to sleep.
Such as what time the Half-Day Dating (daytime or overnight) must end at the latest

> Full-day Test Dating

The Full-day Test Dating is when the prospective Sugar Daddy meets you for a day or a few days to get to know you. Usually it will be 1 to 7 days.
Usually this is less than the amount on the first day.
For example: "3" means that when the duration of the "Full-day Test Dating" reaches 3 days, you can give him a free date for one day on the 4th day. 0 means no free days.
For example: regional restrictions, timing, visa and tax details, etc.