Steps: from Dating to Relationship

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The male members (BDSM Sugar Daddies) registered with #1 SM Dating Club are well established gentlemen with solid economic and social status. They are mature, stable and responsible, and they usually cautious before establish a long term BDSM relationship. Before they commit, most men like to make initial contact with a lady and ensure they are comfortable and relaxed with her.

Therefore, our job is to create an opportunity for a wealthy gentleman and friendly young lady to meet and get to know each other. Once you have met, we guide the two sides to really enter the roles of “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby”. The goal of everyone involved is to help generous men and charming women establish an ongoing relationship that they enjoy and want to continue. Through long-term interaction, if it is your fate and deeper attraction develops, together you might naturally fall in love or even marriage.

Test Dating

The Masters usually dates the Slaves once or twice. If both of them have enjoyed their time together, the Master may become a Sugar Daddy and start to sponsor or foster the slave. This gives them a stable, longer term relationship that they can use to explore their SM relationship further.

For your initial contact with a Sugar Daddy, we have three types of “Test Dating”: “Virtual Dating”, “Half-day Dating” and “Full-day Dating”. The “Test Dating” can be repeated several times. After understanding each other for a while, they can start long-term Sugar Baby – Sugar Daddy Relationship if both parties have intentions.

> Half-day Dating

The Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby meet in Baby’s city for a few hours. After one or a few times of meeting, you will get to know each other. If both parties intend, they can move on to the next step.

Because each person’s situation is different (a student, a teacher, a nurse, a housewife…), the content of “Half-day Dating” of each Sugar Baby could be different. When a lady applies, we will discuss with her the specific details of the “Half-day Dating”: the price, the length of the dating (6, 8, 10, 12 hours…), the start and end time (daytime only or nighttime…), the content of the dating (just drinking coffee or other …), and so on.

> Full-day Dating

The Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby enjoy a short holiday together for one or a few days to get to know each other. This might be in the Sugar Daddy’s home or a 5 star hotel.

You will live together, go out to see the view, dine together, and get to know each other. If you get along, now is the perfect time to establish a longer relationship.

Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Relationship

Your relationship will have a fixed financial aid and emotional agreement between the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Baby. Packages at least one month, usually a year or a few years. Long-term live-in relationships can easily lead to marriage.

We normally recommend either of the six types of Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Relationship that are described below, but if you or your Sugar Daddy are interested in a different relationship we are happy to assist.

> Sponsorship Relationship

This is a lover style relationship, where two adults enjoy each other’s company but still live separately. The Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby date regularly like normal lovers, either meeting at someone’s home or at an agreed rendezvous. It is important to remember that although you may be living alone, your Sugar Daddy will still expect you to be faithful to him. This is not an escort service; your Daddy is literally sponsoring you to be his close, personal friend and lover.

Here are some of the most common examples of this that we have seen:

The Sugar Baby is studying at university and Sugar Daddy often comes over to visit her
The Sugar Daddy lives at home and the Sugar Baby comes to meet him regularly
The Sugar Daddy provides a place for Sugar Baby to live alone, and keeps her as a “secret lover”, visiting her whenever he is able
For Sugar Daddies that travel a lot for work, we have also had requests for sponsoring a lover that lives in the city he visits for work

> Fostering Relationship

Just like a husband and wife, or long term couple, the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby live together at the Sugar Daddy’s home. They will travel together, have holidays, and do all of the things that make life fun, and now they have someone to enjoy these experiences with.

This is our most common arrangement, and our clients have had many different reasons to seek it:

A Sugar Baby studying abroad gets support, somewhere to live, spending money and the safety of a good home.
A Sugar Daddy meets a woman who genuinely cares for him, without needing thousands of hours on dating services.
A Sugar Baby who doesn’t want to be stuck in an office gets the chance to create social life for a gentleman who is otherwise too busy.

> Tuition & Home-stay Relationship

This is a typical Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby style relationship. The Sugar Daddy makes an upfront payment of one semester’s tuition for Sugar Baby (a student) and provides her accommodation for the semester. The Sugar Baby will live with the Sugar Daddy for the semester, but she still has the freedom to study, work, make friends and go other dating (from our Club). This arrangement is suitable for the international students who are seeking financial support and accommodation.

Before commencing your home-stay we will ensure that you and your Sugar Daddy are in clear agreement whether the arrangement includes sex or not.

> Tuition & Meeting Relationship

This is another typical Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby style relationship. “Tuition & Meeting” is that Sugar Daddy pays the girls’ tuition for one semester at a time and provides living expenses (pocket money). The girl does not live with Sugar Daddy, but meets regularly.

“Tuition & Meeting” is suitable for the international students seeking financial support and local school girls living with their parents.

When a girl applies for Sugar Baby, if you choose “Tuition & Meeting”, please tell the Club of your situation and expectations, such as: how much tuition and living expenses (pocket money) need, how many meetings a week, and how long each time (hours during the day, hours overnight, all day…) etc. Then the club will match you with the right Sugar Daddy, and help you discuss with Sugar Daddy to determine all the details.

> Elderly Companionship

If you want to be taken care of by Sugar Daddy but do not have sex, then our “Elderly Companionship” is for you.

Sugar Daddy using the “Elderly Companionship” service is mainly the elderly and the disabled (and some ordinary people) who are willing to pay money in exchange for long-term companionship and care. Most of these Sugar Daddies have lost their sexual ability and have no sexual requirements for girls. They usually like kind-hearted and gentle women, who don’t have too high requirements for appearance and age.

“Elderly Companionship” can live together or live separately. The relationship between the two is relatively stable and long-term, and the maintenance is generally postponed every year. Some old people even made a will, leaving all or part of the inheritance to their Sugar Babies.

“Elderly Companionship” is suitable for international students seeking long term support and local school girls looking for non-sexual relations.

When a girl applies for “Elderly Companionship”, please tell the Club your situation and expectations, such as: the type of Sugar Daddy you like, like living together or not, the amount you need, etc.

> Company Employee

Among the female members registered in our club, there are a large number of highly educated talents. Their greatest advantage is actually their talents, not just their looks. Our “Company Employee” is set up for them.

In Sugar Daddy’s company, these girls are mainly engaged in professional work such as accounting, IT, and marketing, rather than secretaries. In this kind of relationship, girls and Sugar Daddies have a career partnership in addition to their personal affair. As a result, the relationship is more stable.

“Company Employee” means that girls work several days a week in Sugar Daddy’s company, and Sugar Daddy pays her in the form of employee salaries. In this kind of relationship, girls and Sugar Daddies can live together or separate.

Girls in “Company Employee” must have the right to work legally in the country (for example, Australian student visa holders can work 20 hours a week). Sugar Daddy incorporated his Sugar Baby into his company’s employee series and paid her taxes (including Super, etc.). Girls must also submit their real name and tax number to the company.

“Company Employee” is suitable for girls who need internship opportunities, work experience and prepare to immigrate in the future.

When a girl applies for a Sugar Baby, if you choose “Company Employee”, please tell the Club your situation and expectations, such as: your major, working hours per week, whether you can live together, the amount you expect, etc. .


When a Master (Sugar Daddy) find his match, the Slave (Sugar Baby) will be informed with the Master (Sugar Daddy)’s information. If she agrees, the club will collect the fees (dating fee, airfare, etc.) from the Master (Sugar Daddy) and arrange the date. After dating, the compensation will be paid to the Slave (Sugar Baby).