Compensation of BDSM Dating & Relationship

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BDSM Dating and Relationship bring wealthy gentlemen who have the same sexual preferences to you. You will get both friendship and economic benefits at the same time.

You can get the compensation from the club after every date. The compensation will be sent out on the next business day through a bank transfer. We will advise you on the details of these transfers when you apply with us.

How Much I Can Get?

Generally if a Sugar Baby is concerned can decide her price of Dating and Fostering. We can discuss compensation details when you apply with us.

In fact, Sugar Babies’ income is not limited to the club’s compensation. They usually receive some tips and gifts (cosmetics, clothing, shoes, bags, mobile phones, computers, etc.) from Sugar Daddies. In some long-term Fostering, Sugar Daddies will often pay tuition for the Sugar Babies in study.

Which Currency

Our compensation in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, etc.) is in Australian dollars.
Our compensation is in euros.
Our compensation in all other regions (Americas, Asia, Africa, etc.) is in USD.

When being paid

For short term dates (one month or shorter), the remuneration will be wired on the second business day after your date.
For long term dates, the remuneration will be paid monthly.

Money Transfer

1, Bank transfer, 2-5 business days to proceed.
2, If you are in Sydney Australia, you can also choose to pick up cash in our head office.