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Male Submissive SM Dating

Applicants for "Male Submissive SM Dating" must be between the ages of 18 and 25 and all nationalities are welcome.

In Male Submissive SM Dating, you play a "female" slave role. In the vast majority of cases, you will service a Master, and occasionally a couple. You do not have a chance to serve a Mistress alone. So only sissyboys and ladyboys are suitable for our Male Submissive SM Dating. If you can only accept Mistresses, please do not apply, you won't get a response.

If you would like to apply Male Submissive SM Dating, you need to select your own games as shown below. Please check the "Male Submissive SM Game List" and the choose/tick the games you can play. Your selected games will be "Your SM Game List" that will be shown to potential Masters (Sugar Daddies). The Master (Sugar Daddy) will read this list before they decide to date with you. They can only play these games at the dates with you.

Compare to the female slave, the male submissives have less dating opportunity. If you want to increase your chances, you can find a female partner to play "Couple Slaves" (the club can also introduce), so your chance will increase a lot. For more details, please refer to: SM Package Dating.


> Description

1. To increase your chances to be selected, you should choose as many games as you can.

2. If you truly have the ability, you can tick all games. However, please do not choose games that you cannot do just for the sake of getting more dating chances. This will upset the client.

3. If there is a game(s) that you can do but is not in the list, please name it, describe it, and send it back.

4. All games listed would be played after a shower for both Master and Slave, except those marked "before shower" games.

5. SM play sessions cannot last longer than 40 minutes with the client. Games involving physical punishment (spanking, slapping…) can only be played once a day (every 24 hours) and include no more than 10 light to moderate hits.

6. No bleeding is allowed in SM play. The marks of spanking (bondage, etc.) should disappear within two hours.

7. In SM play, the internationally accepted safe word is "Mayday", the safe sign is the slave "shaking head". If a slave says "Mayday" or shakes her head, the play will immediately be stopped.

8. Our SM dates include light to medium submissive games only. No sadists or masters with "heavy taste" will be allowed to join us.

9. No alcohol is allowed in SM play.

10. Condoms must be used in sexual SM activities.


> Application

1. If you would like to apply for "Male Submissive SM Dating", please fill in the Application Form below and provide at least 10 of your photos (must including some cross-dressing photos). Your application will not be replied unless you have submitted photos.



Male Submissive SM Dating Application



Age (18+):
Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
Nationality (passport):
English Proficiency:
Contact Number:
Tell Club:
Tell Sugar Daddy / Master:
You can service: Masters       Mistresses

Male Submissive Game List


Light Games

Forced Cock Display

Enforced Feminization

Chastity Control

Genital Shaving

Forced Masturbation




Dog Play

Pony Play

Gay Dance

Sissy Maid

Sexual Humiliation

Forced Posture

Footstool Slave

Office Sex

Car Sex



Forced Oral Sex

Face Fuck

Slave Training

Outdoor Slave Training

Choose All Light Games
Medium Games

Forced Feed

Fart Inhaling

Slave Cage

Private Photo/ Video with Mask/ Hood (20 pcs/ 5 mins limited)

Private Photo/ Video without Mask/ Hood (20 pcs/ 5 mins limited)

Cock Pulling

Ball Pulling

Saliva Tasting

Phlegm Tasting

Boot / Shoe on Cock (mistress)

Oral Sex after Piss

Cuming in Mouth / Semen Swallowing

Floor Licking

Toilet Licking

Foot Licking (after shower)

Foot Licking (before shower)

Anal Licking (after shower)

Anal Licking (before shower)

Finger Fucking (anus)


Anal Sex (master)

Belly Punching (mistress)

Ball Punching (mistress)

Palm Punishment



Spanking (Cane, Paddle, etc)

Whipping / Flogging

Genitals Whipping 

Golden Shower

Piss Drinking

Anal Licking after Toilet (after wiping bottom)

Anal Licking after Toilet (before wiping bottom)

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) (no hurting)

Strap-on (Oral Play)

Strap-on (Anal Play)

Human Furniture

Medical Femdom

Ashtray Slave / Smoking Fetishes

Ass Worship / Anal Licking

Pussy Worship / Pussy Licking

Menstruation Fetish


Candle / Wax Play

Barefoot Cock and Ball Trampling (mistress)

Cock Slag and Ball Twisting


Shoe / Boot Worship
 / Shoe Licking

Foot Abuse Genital

Forced Sex / Woman On Top

Ice play

Mummification / Sensory Deprivation

Nettle Torture

Nipple Play / Torture


Water Torture

Family Slave (for one couple only)
Choose All Medium Games
Heavy Games (extra remuneration)

Electrical Play on Genitals (extra $200/5 minutes)

Belly Punching (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Ball Punching (light) (extra $200/2 hits)

Brown Shower / Scat (extra $200/30 minutes)

Barefoot Cock and Ball Trampling (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Ball Kicking (light)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Boot / Shoe on Cock (light) (master)
(extra $200/2 hits)

Two Masters Play (extra $400/30 minutes)
Choose All Heavy Games

Other Games You Can Play:

Choose Your Pain Tolerance


  Level 1: Slapping bottom gently

  Level 2: Slapping bottom harder

  Level 3: Slapping bottom quite hard or using SM paddle/strap to whip gently

  Level 4: Slapping bottom most hard or using SM paddle /strap to whip harder

  Level 5: Whipping quite hard by SM paddle or strap




 Please submit your photos to: apply@1smdating.com









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